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Cast of It's A Jungle Out There at the end of a dance number.
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Primary School Musicals




EPmusic - Primary School Musicals

EPmusic - Primary School Musicals is an Australian company that is solely dedicated to creating musicals suitable for primary school aged students all over the world. Our primary school musicals are written by experienced teachers and writers with school performances in mind. The scripts are exciting, modern, funny and deliver an important message that children can relate to. The musical numbers are catchy, encompass a variety of styles and are bound to have the audience singing along! Check out the 'our clients' page to see who is putting on wonderful productions of EPmusic musicals.


Each musical can be easily adapted to suit schools of any size. You can have a lead cast and a small chorus or the entire school participating. The musicals come complete with performance tracks for the production as well as rehearsal tracks to aid in the teaching process and make it possible for any school to take part, regardless of whether there is a performing arts teacher on staff.

Why should your primary school put on a musical?

Putting on a primary school musical is an excellent way of showcasing the talents of the students in your school. They provide a platform for students to express themselves creatively, work in a collaborative environment, and develop their vocal, acting and dancing skills. Most importantly, being part of a musical can help students gain confidence and for many students, it is often the most memorable experience they will have in their 7 years of primary school.

Workshops and Support

EPmusic is here to provide support during your musical journey in any way that we can. We are just an email or a phone call away and always more than happy to help! Our clients based in the Melbourne Metropolitan area have the option of hiring a member of our team to teach the material to the students, providing direction and/or choreography workshops. Head to the 'our team' page to find out about our presenters. Our team members can have as much or as little involvement as your school requires. Check out the 'workshop' page to find out more.


At EPmusic, we provide total musical packages at great prices. We do NOT charge royalties. The price quoted includes everything you need to perform the musical: script, rehearsal tracks, performance tracks (including sound effects) and one performing rights licence. Find out more on our 'buy' page.

Check us out

We currently have four exciting primary school musicals available for purchase. Check them out here. Listen to the songs, read excerpts of the scripts and drop us an email if you are interested in purchasing one for your next production!

Warmest wishes,


From the team at EPmusic.

Primary School Musicals
Frog character in It's A Jungle Out There.
EPmusic Primary School Musicals Logo


Primary School Musicals

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