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Elisa from EPmusic Primary School Musicals


Principal writer/composer

Elisa is a highly accomplished composer, pianist and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance), a Diploma of Education and a Diploma of Languages (Italian) from Melbourne's Monash University. In her spare time, Elisa completed a Diploma of Interior Design with The Interior Design Institute.


In secondary school, Elisa co-wrote a song that won an Amnesty International award. Since then, she has continued to compose and perform, working with Melbourne artists such as vocalist Chloe Maggs and The Ten Tenor’s Robert Barbaro.


Elisa is an experienced Performing Arts teacher. Her roles have included Early Learning Music Specialist, Primary School Head of Performing Arts, Piano Teacher and Performing Arts euducator/Musical Director when she lived for a year in Bangalore, India.


In 2013, Elisa wrote ‘When I Grow Up’, which was first performed in August of the same year and achieved high accolades. She continued writing funny musicals, each containing an important message that children could easily relate to, and quickly discovered that they were highly appealing, not just to her students but to their audience as well. This inspired Elisa to start ‘EPmusic – Primary School Musicals’ which launched in 2017. Since then, primary schools around Australia have enjoyed rehearsing and performing EPmusic musicals, instilling a love of the arts in children and giving them an experience they will never forget.

Renata from EPmusic Primary School Musicals



Renata is a highly talented comic writer. She co-wrote the hilarious and powerful story of 'It's A Jungle Out There'.

Laura from EPmusic Primary School Musicals
Annabelle from EPmusic Primary School Musicals



Annabelle has completed professional dance training at The Space Dance and Arts Centre and Kelly Aykers Fulltime Dance. During this time she obtained both a certificate IV in Dance and Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management. Ever since Annabelle finished school she has been teaching dance to a variety of ages and has choreographed and directed a number of original dance productions. Annabelle has choreographed dance numbers for 'The Prize' and 'When I Grow Up'.



Laura has choreographed dances for 'When I Grow Up' and 'It's A Jungle Out There'. She is a gifted choreographer and dance teacher.

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