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When I Grow Up - Choreography Video

When I Grow Up - Choreography Video

If choreography is not your strong suit, or if you'd just like to save some time - add 'When I Grow Up Choreography Video' to your musical purchase. Our talented choreographer, Annabelle, will take you through each move for the following musical numbers:


The Whole World at My Fingertips

If I'm Just Me

Bend the Truth

Keep Them in Line

Don't Drop the Scalpel

Turn it Off and On

We're the Police

Plumbing Week to Week

Deep Blue Sea

Finale: The Whole World at Your Fingertips


The video is free for schools that purchase choreography or direction workshops. During these workshops, a member of our team can come to your school and teach the steps to your classes, help to polish their performance and give them a boost of confidence and motivation! The number of workshops is entirely up to you and your budget.

When I Grow Up - Choreography Video


    If you would prefer to pay directly via credit card or bank transfer please email us and request an invoice.

    Please note: due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, there are no refunds.

    *If you would like to order a physical, ring-bound copy of the script, please let us know!

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