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When I Grow Up Cover

When I Grow Up


8-12 years (lead cast)


60 mins (approx.)

Speaking Roles

31 (flexible)

Ensemble size

Adjustable (whole school or small ensemble)





“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question that is often asked of children. But Ashley doesn’t know how to answer. At twelve years old, Ashley is under pressure from her parents and teachers to choose a career path that she can work towards. After receiving a less than satisfactory school report one term, Ashley’s Dad decides to take her out into the ‘real world’ to snap her out of her day-dreaming and help her find her niche. Join Ashley on her journey of self-discovery, where she will meet less-than-honest lawyers, trustworthy teachers, drama-queen doctors, a polite and polished plumber and many more colourful characters along the way. Will Ashley discover where she belongs? Or will she be doomed to a life of underachieving? Find out in the hilarious comedy drama: When I Grow Up.

Moral: Take your time to find out who you are. Everyone is unique, and we all discover our strengths at different times in our lives.​

musical numbers.​


1. The Whole World at My Fingertips

2. If I'm Just Me

3. Bend the Truth

4. Keep Them in Line

5. Don't Drop the Scalpel

6. I Know What's Best

7. Turn it Off and On (Originally: Ctrl, Alt, Del)

8. We're The Police

9. Plumbing Week to Week

10. The Deep Blue Sea

11. The Whole World at Your Fingertips (Finale)

song samples.

Bend the Truth - EPmusic
If I'm Just Me - EPmusic
Keep Them In Line - EPmusic
I Know What's Best - EPmusic
We're The Police - EPmusic
The Whole Word at Your Fingertips - EPmusic
When I Grow Up Musical Sheet Music

cost. AU$270

 Includes everything you need to rehearse and perform the show:

  • Script (PDF)

  • FREE editable script (Word file)

  • Rehearsal tracks - with vocals (MP3)

  • Performance tracks - backing tracks and sound effects (MP3)

  • Sheet music - includes chords, lyrics and melody line notation


  • 13 digital backdrops (JPEG)

  • Cover artwork that can be used on programs, posters, and other advertising material (PNG)

  • One Performing Rights Licence - entitles you to one performance of the show (if performing the show more than once, you will require an additional licence at AU$70 per additional performance)


If you would like to order a physical, ring-bound copy of the script, please let us know! It will be an additional AU$25 plus shipping.

*EPmusic is royalty free! We do NOT take a percentage of your ticket sales.

choreography video (optional extra).

If choreography is not your strong suit, or you'd just like to save some time, add 'When I Grow Up Choreography Video' to your musical purchase. Annabelle, one of our talented choreographers, will take you through each step for ten of the 'When I Grow Up' numbers in these instructional videos.

The cost of the video is AU$100. The video is free for schools that purchase choreography workshops.

audience/staff reviews.


"As a graduate teacher, I was feeling overwhelmed with the task put upon me; to put on a whole school production. The task was made much easier with EPmusic's 'When I Grow Up'. The script is hilarious, the music is catchy and so much fun, and the parents were saying that it was the best school production they had ever seen! The children of St Bridget's are still singing the songs weeks later! Elisa from EPmusic was so helpful and supported me throughout the entire process. When the time comes to put on another school production, I will definitely select another EPmusic musical. Thank you!"

- Jessica La Mari, Music Teacher at St Bridget's Primary School, Melbourne

"When I Grow Up went really well! It was well received, mainly as each student had their time to shine - I'll be sure to do it again one day!"

- Nathan Hamdorf, Performing Arts Teacher at Walkerville Primary School, Adelaide

“I was watching it early in the piece and the thought occurred to me that there must have been a professionalisation of school musicals. It looked like a professional production which any other school could take the script for and easily adapt to their own school. It was fun for the kids, had great themes, and a bit like The Simpsons had enough to appeal to adults as well.”

- Parent, St Luke's Primary School Wantirna, Melbourne


“I couldn't stop smiling and even had a tear in my eye!”

- Grandmother, St Luke's Primary School Wantirna, Melbourne

student reviews.


"The musical has been a delight. I have learnt to project my voice and read my lines clearly."

"I have enjoyed my role as the main character ‘Ashley’ in the musical because it is fun to see everyone putting in their all. When I grow up I want to become a famous singer and see my name in lights!"

"I have enjoyed the musical a lot. It has been really fun to watch it all come together. When I grow up I would like to become a teacher or an actor."

When I Grow Up - Trailer

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